Chronological list of Michael Jayston's film and television appearances


From This Day Forward (Him) SHORT FILM


Casualty Episode #32.17 (Claude Maynard) TV EPISODE


Doctors "About Time" (Brian Maxwell) TV EPISODE


Borgia "1496" (Pandolfo Petrucci) TV EPISODE

Midsomer Murders "Let Us Prey" (Rev. Arthur Gould) TV EPISODE


Doctors "All's Fair" (Alf Sidney) TV EPISODE


Doctors "Evidence of Things Not Seen" (Bill Marston) TV EPISODE

Tracy Beaker Returns "Out of Control" (Spooner) TV EPISODE

Pobol Y Cwm "Episode airing 1 Apr 2011" (Richard Monk) TV EPISODE

Casualty "No Goodbyes" (David Northwick) TV EPISODE


Holby City “The Butterfly Effect Parts 1 &2” (Sid Harvey) TV EPISODE


Albert’s Memorial (Albert) TV MOVIE


“A Story Set In Stone” (Narrator) at the Chichester Cathedral

Foyle’s War “Plan of Attack” (Henry Parkins) TV EPISODE

Emmerdale (Donald de Souza) TV SERIES


Emmerdale (Donald de Souza) TV SERIES

The Royal “Can’t Buy Me Love” (Henry Appleton) TV EPISODE

Foyle’s War “Casualties of War” (AC Henry Parkins) TV EPISODE


Heartbeat “Little White Lies” (Gerald Hudson) TV EPISODE

Look East (Narrator) TV EPISODE

Imagining Albion: The Great British Future “Parts 1 & 4” (Narrator) TV EPISODE

Holby City “Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” (Lawrence Bremmen) TV EPISODE

The Bill “Episodes 378 & 379” (Vince Parker) TV EPISODE


Finisterre (Narrator) MOVIE

Murder in Suburbia “Golden Oldies” (Bradley) TV EPISODE


Happy Birthday BBC Two (Himself) TV EPISODE

The Royal “Home to Roost” (Henry Appleton) TV EPISODE


Doctors “Real Tonic” (Vern Coren) TV EPISODE

The Royal “Consequences” (Henry Appleton) TV EPISODE


First Light River Series (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY
  • “The Nile: A River Diary”
  • “The River Thames”
  • “The River Seine Paris”

  • EastEnders “Episodes from 28 Jan-1 Feb” (Alistair Wilson) TV SERIES

    Fun at the Funeral Parlour (Sparrow) TV SERIES


    Holby City “Extra Time” (Judge) TV EPISODE


    The Bill “No One’s That Honest” (Charles Arthur Cullun) TV EPISODE

    This is Your Life “Christopher Timothy” (Himself) TV EPISODE

    This is Your Life “Tom Baker” (Himself) TV EPISODE

    Coronation Street “Episode #1.4941” (Judge) TV EPISODE

    Catherine Cookson’s A Dinner of Herbs (Justice Craig) MINISERIES


    Adam’s Family Tree “Hassles with Castles” (Nick) TV EPISODE

    Heartburn Hotel “Christmas Special- Bash” (Horton Quince) TV EPISODE

    TV:Friend or Foe? “Eat the Hype, TV Advertising” (Contributor) TV EPISODE

    Funny Women “Stephanie Cole” (Guest) TV EPISODE


    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (RAdm. John E. Sellings) TV MOVIE

    This is Your Life “Nigel Davenport" (Himself) TV EPISODE

    Noah’s Ark “Two of a Kind” (Henry Meacher) TV EPISODE


    This is Your Life “Thora Hird” (Himself) TV EPISODE

    Only Fool’s and Horses “Time on Our Hands” (James) TV EPISODE

    Heartbeat “Frail Mortality” (Michael Harvey) TV EPISODE

    Animal Families (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson’s (Voice) TV EPISODE

  • “Sealed with a Loving Kiss”(Damon)
  • “The Radio Ham” (Yachtsman)
  • Element of Doubt (Kirk) TV MOVIE


    99-1 “The Shooting Party” (Chauncey) TV EPISODE


    Jackanory “The Ice Palace” (Reader) TV EPISODE

    Highlander III: The Sorcerer (Jack Donovan) MOVIE

    This is Your Life “Stephanie Cole” (Himself) TV EPISODE

    Outside Edge (Bob) TV SERIES

  • Season 2 & 3
  • 1993

    Good Morning with Anne and Nick (Narrator) TV EPISODE

    Doctor Who 30th Anniversary (Guest) TV EPISODE

    Landmarks “Tudors and Stuarts” (Narrator) TV EPISODE

  • “Henry VII”
  • “The Mary Rose”
  • “Elizabeth I”
  • “Charles I”
  • “Charles II”
  • The Darling Buds of May (Ernest Bristow) TV EPISODE

  • “Climb the Greasy Pole Parts 1 & 2”
  • “The Happiest Days of Your Lives Parts 1 & 2”
  • Five Centuries of Music in Venice “Verdi and Venetian Theatre” (Reader) DOCUMENTARY


    Timewatch “The Cuban Missile Crisis” (Narrator) TV EPISODE
  • “Defying Uncle Sam”
  • “Eyeball to Eyeball”

  • Casualty “Profit and Loss” (Ian Reynolds) TV EPISODE

    The Good Guys “Vershwinden” (Supt Masters) TV EPISODE

    The Southbank Show “Noel Coward” (Guest) TV EPISODE

    Press Gang “UnXpected” (John England/Colonel X) TV EPISODE

    Timewatch (Narrator) TV SERIES


    Cluedo “Season 2” (Colonel Mustard) TV SERIES
  • “The Best Insurance”
  • “A Deadly Deal “
  • “Fatal Distraction”
  • “Charity Begins at Home”
  • “The Traveller's Tale”
  • “The Bolivian Connection”

  • Not As Funny As It Used to Be (Narrator) TV SERIES

    The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax” (The Earl of Rufton) TV EPISODE


    Stay Lucky “The Devil Wept in Leeds” (Valentine the Hitman) TV EPISODE

    Haggard (Sir Joshua Foulacre) TV EPISODE

  • “Eye of Newt”
  • “Haggard at Bay”
  • "Affair of Honour"
  • 1989

    A Bit of a Do (Neville Badger) TV SERIES
  • “The White Wedding”
  • “The Dentist’s Dinner Dance”
  • “The Angling Club Christmas Party”
  • “The Charity Horse Race”
  • “The Crowning of Miss Frozen Chicken”
  • “The Registry Office Wedding”
  • “The Church Wedding”
  • “The Christening”
  • “The Grand Opening of Sillitoe’s”
  • “The Farewell Party”
  • “The Inauguration of the Outer Inner Relief Ring Road”
  • “The Funeral”

  • About Face “Stand by Your Man” (Michael) TV EPISODE

    Somewhere to Run (Roger Fitzpatrick) TV MOVIE

    Kipling’s Sussex (?) DOCUMENTARY


    A Guilty Thing Surprised (Quentin Nightingale) TV MOVIE

    Jekyll and Hyde (Narrator) TV MOVIE

    Macbeth (Macbeth) TV MOVIE

    Split Screen (Linker) TV EPISODE

  • “Staying Alive”
  • “Segregated Schools?”
  • 1987

    Worlds Beyond “Undying Love” (?) TV EPISODE

    Open Space “Who Killed Herbert Marin?” (Narrator) TV EPISODE

    Still Crazy Like a Fox (Randall Perry) TV MOVIE


    Doctor Who “Trial of a Timelord” (Valeyard) TV SERIES

  • “The Mysterious Planet”
  • “Mindwarp”
  • “Terror of the Vervoids”
  • “The Ultimate Foe”
  • Room at the Bottom “The German Visitor” (Helmut Staalmaker) TV EPISODE

    C.A.T.S. Eyes “Crack-Up” (Miles Bennett) TV EPISODE


    Big Deal (Grover) TV EPISODE
  • “What are Friends For?”
  • “Popping Across the Pond”
  • “Breakthrough”

  • Time for Murder “Dust to Dust” (Austin Tupp) TV EPISODE

    There Comes a Time“Episode 1.5” (Dr. Crimes) TV EPISODE


    Nagisa Oshima- The Man Who Left His Soul On Film (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    Pebble Mill at One (Guest) TV EPISODE

    Tales of the Unexpected “The Best Chess Player in the World” (G.B. Shaw) TV EPISODE

    Crown Court “There Was An Old Woman” (Keith Saunders Q.C.) TV EPISODE

    Man of Letters (Colonel Sheldrake) TV EPISODE


    Pebble Mill at One (Guest) TV EPISODE

    Call My Bluff (Guest) TV EPISODE

  • 04 July 1983
  • 11 July 1983
  • 1982

    Tibet: A Two Part Documentary (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    Wimbledon 1982 A Diamond Championship (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY


    Nationwide (Guest/Capt. Von Trapp) TV EPISODE

    From a Far Country (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    So You Think You Know About Royalty? (Guest) TV EPISODE

    The New Generation (Narrator) CORPORATE FILM

    The Cultivated Flame (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    Ladykillers “Root of All Evil” (Frederick Henry Seddon) TV EPISODE


    Til I End My Song- Sights and Sounds of the River Thames (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    Everyman “The Rule” (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    The Quest (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    Flesh and Blood (Ross Brassington) TV SERIES

  • “Feeling Your Age”
  • “Every Man is an Island”
  • “Time of Life”
  • “A Decent Interval”
  • “Day of Rest”
  • “Fish and Chips Twice”
  • “Leave It With Me”
  • “Reap and Sow”
  • “Worked Out”
  • “A Sort of Committee”
  • 1979

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Peter Guillam) MINISERIES

    Zulu Dawn (Col. Crealock) MOVIE

    Screenplay “Gossip in the Forest” (Alfred Maiberling) TV EPISODE


    BBC2 Play of the Week “She Fell Among Thieves” (Jonathan Mansel) TV EPISODE

    The Last Romantic (James) TV MOVIE

    Dominique (Arnold Craven) MOVIE


    Crown Court “An Upward Fall” (Keith Saunders Q.C.) TV EPISODE

    Jubilee Jackanory “Rascally Tag” (Reader) TV EPISODE

    A Head Start (Narrator) EDUCATIONAL

    Jackanory “The Edge of Evening (The Sky-Blue Whistling Spark)” (Reader) TV EPISODE


    Quiller (Quiller) TV SERIES
  • “Price of Violence”
  • “Tango Briefing”
  • “Any Last Request”
  • “Sacrifice to Survival”
  • “Assault on the Ritz”
  • “Objective Caribbean”
  • “Target North”
  • “The Thin Red Line”
  • “Political Jungle”
  • “Mark the File Expendable”
  • “Safe Conduct”
  • “Thundersky”
  • “Night of the Father”

  • Churchill’s People “11. Shouts and Murmurs” (Henry, Bishop of Norwich) TV EPISODE

    Play of the Month “King Lear” (Edmund) TV EPISODE


    Play of the Month “The Importance of Being Earnest” (Jack Worthing) TV EPISODE

    The Very Private Secretary (Narrator) TV EPISODE

    The Greatest Story on Earth: The Story of the Giro D’Italia (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    The Internecine Project (David Baker) MOVIE

    Call My Bluff (Guest) TV EPISODE

  • 11 November 1974
  • 18 November 1974

  • The Movie Quiz (Guest) TV EPISODE

  • 17 May 1974
  • 11 June 1974

  • IBM 3750 (Narrator) CORPORATE FILM

    Thriller TV EPISODE

  • “A Coffin for the Bride” (Mark Walker)
  • “Ring Once for Death” (Roger Masters)
  • 1973

    The Homecoming (Teddy) MOVIE

    Tales That Witness Madness (Brian) MOVIE

    Jane Eyre (Edward Rochester) MINISERIES

    The Road to Wigan Pier (Narrator) DOCUMENTARY

    A Bequest to the Nation (Capt. Hardy) MOVIE

    Craze (Det. Sgt. Wall) MOVIE

    Blue Peter (Frederick Henry Royce) TV EPISODE

    The Merchant of Venice (Gratiano) TV MOVIE


    The Edwardians “Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce” (Frederick Henry Royce) TV EPISODE

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll/Charles Dodgson) MOVIE

    Follow Me! (Charles) MOVIE

    Young Winston (Narrating as Churchill) MOVIE


    ITV Saturday Night Theatre "Green Julia" (Jake) TV EPISODE

    Film 71 (Tsar Nicholas II) TV EPISODE

    The David Frost Show "Episode #4.75" (Himself) TV EPISODE

    Nicholas and Alexandra (Tsar Nicholas II) MOVIE

    Armchair Theatre “Competition” (Jimmy) TV EPISODE

    UFO “The Sound of Silence” (Russell Stone) TV EPISODE


    Cromwell (Henry Ireton) MOVIE

    Biography “Beethoven” (Beethoven) TV EPISODE

    The Hero of My Life (Charles Dickens) TV EPISODE

    Donald Crowhurst, Sponsored for Heroism (Narrator) TV EPISODE

    Callan “God Help Your Friends” (Mark Tedder) TV EPISODE

    The Wednesday Play “Mad Jack” (Siegfried Sassoon) TV EPISODE

    Solo “Wilfred Owen” (Wilfred Owen) TV EPISODE


    The Power Game (Lincoln Dowling) TV SERIES
  • “Special Envoy: One Via Zurich”
  • “Special Envoy: The Big Nothing”
  • “Special Envoy: The Outsider”
  • “Special Envoy: The Goose Chase”
  • “Special Envoy: Peace Treaty”
  • “Special Envoy: Without Prejudice”
  • “Special Envoy: Cat Is You, Bird Is Me”
  • “Special Envoy: Standard Practice”
  • “Special Envoy: The Heart Market”
  • “Special Envoy: Drinks on Sunday”
  • “Special Envoy: The New Minister”
  • “Special Envoy: Triangles”
  • “Special Envoy: Mergers”

  • Detective “Put Out the Light” (Francis Ford) TV EPISODE


    A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Demetrius) MOVIE

    ITV Playhouse "The Curtis Affair" (Gerry Hackett) TV EPISODE


    Sunday Night “How to Stop Worrying and Love the Theatre” (Actor) TV EPISODE


    Love’s Labour Lost (Longaville) TV EPISODE


    Julius Caesar “Part 4” (Dardanius) TV EPISODE


    Suspense “On the Night of the Murder” (Intense Young Man) TV EPISODE