In addition to doing a little singing in "Jane Eyre" (1973) and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" (1980), Michael's voice has also been featured on these music albums:

The Sound of Music

Michael Jayston starred in Ross Taylor's 1981 London Revival of "The Sound of Music"- playing Capt. Von Trapp to Petula Clark's Maria. The cast recording is available on CD, and Michael sings on four songs- "Something Good", the concert sequences of- "Do-Re-Mi", "Edelweiss", and "So Long Farewell".

The Principal Cast Members:

  • Maria Rainer....Petula Clark
  • Captain von Trapp....Michael Jayston
  • Elsa Schraeder....Honor Blackman
  • Max Detweiler....John Bennett
  • Liesl....Claire Parker
  • Rolf Gruber....Paul Shearstone


In 2002, Michael was asked by British pop group St. Etienne to provide voiceover transitions on their album "Finisterre". Here are some of the things he says (he does not sing!):

'Action' - "Have you ever been to a harvester before?"
'Amateur'- "Back....Further back"
'Language Lab'- "The perverse possibilities of the Barbican. You could be invisible here. You could get a notion of floating across the city." - "I feel an nostalgia for an age yet to come."
'Shower Scene' - "I have news, good news from Notting Hill. The consignment of white gold has arrived for Mr. Anderson"
'New Thing'- "Our father who art in heaven. Please stay there"
'B92'- "Rock could be so good, but we make it all so rubbishy"
'Finisterre'-"NatWest, Bar clays, Midlands, Lloyds. Use a bank? I'd rather die."

In 2005, Michael has again lent his voice to a project of St. Etienne's- a film about London edited to music from the album "Finisterre" and called "Finisterre". Michael does the narration.

The Giro

Michael recorded some narrative pieces for this 2010 album celebrating the famous Giro d'Italia. In 1974 he narrated the documentary about the Giro, so it's nice that they brought him back to record for this album. He has ten tracks on the album. This was produced by Rapha and features music inspired by the Italian cycling competition.