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5 February 2024

We have lost an incredible actor today, and I can not believe that he is really gone. I've been a fan of his for just about twenty years and have been honored to have met him and called him a friend for almost ten years. I created this website as a labor of love for his incredible amount of work, and we are all lucky that he has left so much of his spirit, work ethic, and talent with us in the end. I will always be a fan, and I hope that this website will serve as a reminder of his great talent and generosity. Thank you for everything Michael. - Charlene

9 March 2022

If you are interested in watching more video content with Michael Jayston - please check out the YouTube page I have created here:

And I was lucky enough to get Michael Jayston on my podcast devoted to Jane Eyre to discuss his time playing Mr. Rochester in the 1973 adaptation. Please check out "Jane Eyre Files" (Episode 21) on your favorite podcast platform or you can listen below:

21 February 2022

Michael Jayston was a guest at the Los Angeles Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One this past weekend. It was great for me to catch up with him! There are new photos from the event in the gallery - (Scroll down for the folder titled "Gallifrey One Thirty Seconds to Midnight)

19 February 2019

Michael Jayston will be appearing at the Bedford Charity Con on April 13th - link in the sidebar

I attended the Gallifrey One convention this past weekend in Los Angeles, and had a marvelous time. Some photos from the event are now linked to the gallery: (Scroll down for the folder titled "Gallifrey One 30 Years in the Tardis)

6 February 2019

The website domain name has changed - (Previously .com) The image gallery has been revamped due to changes with my previous image hosting site. Gallery images are now hosted on Google Drive, and a new page has been created to organize the photos. You can view the page at

1 January 2018

The Image Gallery has been updated with screencaps of Michael Jayston's appearance on Casualty from December 23, 2017. You can view the images here.

2 February 2017

Michael Jayston was interviewed for the blog The Dreamcage. You can read the interview here.

Listen here to an interview with Michael Jayston on the podcast Gallifrey Stands, episode 129.

18 March 2016

Thanks to Graeme Wood on twitter, I've added a 1978 Radio Times interview with Michael Jayston to the site.

You can also listen online to a wonderful interview with Michael Jayston from the Doctor Who themed show MarkWho42

3 February 2016

I've come across this photo of Michael Jayston from the mid 1950s when he was a part of the Gedling Colliery cricket club in Nottingham. The photo is uploaded here. And this is the original source of the photo.

Added some photos from The Wednesday Play - Mad Jack to the Image Gallery

28 January 2016
A new look for the website! I overhauled the design using a template from html5up. I wanted to keep the look up-to-date, uniform across all the pages, and for it to look great on mobile devices. I'm quite happy with it! I have a new guestbook (link in sidebar) and I would love it if you would share some of your thoughts on anything Jayston or website related. Thank you!

07 November 2015
Added a photo gallery for Michael's appearance yesterday on the BBC soap 'Doctors'. Check out the photos here And if you live in the UK, you can watch the episode by visiting the BBC site. Only til the end of the month!

Also added a short article with Michael Jayston from 1971 on the tumblr page

08 May 2015
I've added an interview/feature article from 1971 about Michael Jayston and the making of the film "Nicholas and Alexandra" - read the article here.

1 December 2014
Unfortunately I've been having some issues with the website and could not fix anything until the first of the month. Hopefully the website will not be down again. During the time it was though, I created a tumblr site for fun which will showcase random things related to Michael Jayston.

14 October 2014
New photos added to the gallery:
2002 play - The Rivals
1992 episode of Noah's Ark
And check out the homepage of the photostream to see the new photos added to the Miscellaneous album

23 September 2014
Michael Jayston's episode of Borgia aired last week in France (I believe?). He was in a short scene in the beginning - some images are uploaded in the picture gallery. I believe the episode will be coming to Netflix, but I'm not sure when.

26 August 2014
Watch the new trailer for 'The Man Who Choked', a short film starring Michael Jayston.

A new photo album has been added for old newspaper clippings featuring Michael.

12 March 2014
Check out this half hour video interview with Michael Jayston from last year's Chicago Doctor Who convention! Link to website

12 January 2014
Photo Gallery added for Michael's recent episode of Midsomer Murders - view here

09 January 2014
The Big Finish Doctor Who audio "The Trial of the Valeyard" has been released to subscribers only. That means if you have a 6 or 12 audio subscription starting with the audio "Afterlife" you can receive the Valeyard audio for free. If you don't have a subscription, the audio will be released this year December.

Michael Jayston recently guest starred in an episode of Midsomer Murders as Rev. Gould. The episode aired January 8th, but if you are in England you can watch the episode on the ITV player until the end of the month.

23 October 2013
Michael Jayston was in a BBC Radio 4 serial titled "Joan and the Baron" back in August.

And please note to the left that Michael Jayston will be appearing at the Chicago Doctor Who Convention, Thanksgiving weekend!

Unfortunately the first update is after-the-fact, but if you keep up with the Facebook and Twitter pages, the updates are much more timely there!

7 July 2013
I've moved the Photo gallery to a Flickr account! Access the new Gallery by clicking directly on this link or check out the Pictures page on the site.

5 July 2013
Some updates!

Look to the left for some upcoming Doctor Who related live appearances!

Michael Jayston has already recorded a Big Finish audio called The Trial of the Valeyard which will be released in December. More information here

An audio of an interview with Michael Jayston, Colin Baker and Jon Pertwee from 1995 is available to listen to on youtube. It's so much fun!

Listen to an interview with Michael conducted by Radio Free Skaro here back in February from the Gallifrey One convention. Michael's interview starts at around the halfway point.

Michael Jayston's appearance on upcoming radio serials and an episode of Borgia is due for release (hopefully sometime this year!)

13 April 2013
Updated Photo Gallery with images from Michael Jayston's recent episode of "Doctors". Visit Image Gallery

Buy Poems of War and Remembrance on this website. Michael Jayston reads 11 poems on the album

24 February 2013
Uploaded two photo albums - one for the Gallifrey One convention and the other for the 2010 episode of "Holby City" that Michael guest starred in.

19 February 2013
After having attended the wonderful Gallifrey One convention this weekend, there are a few updates to come (some already up on the Facebook page) and for now I have added the video I took of some of Michael Jayston's interview to the Multimedia page (direct link to the video here)

I had an absolute blast, more so because I got to hang out with The Michael Jayston, and he was just as wonderfully funny, modest, charming and kind as you would hope him to be as a fan and a follower of his work. I truly thank him for spending so much time talking to insignificant me. It's something that I will always cherish and I'm so grateful to him for being so awesome.

12 February 2013
New addition to the Interviews section - an article from 1974 entitled A Surprise for Michael Jayston Fans

9 February 2013
New design for the website! I wanted to make it cleaner and more professional looking. There are links to Facebook and Twitter pages which I hope to keep updated. Next week is Michael's appearance at the Doctor Who convention which I'm planning to attend, and I definitely plan to post live updates on Facebook and Twitter!

At the moment, there is a new addition to the "filmography" page with a new movie project for Michael which is very exciting! Bear with me on all the changes to the site - I'm still in the process of reorganizing and cleaning up!

1 February 2013
An interview from a 2008 edition of "Inside Soap" magazine has been added to the Interview page!

8 September 2012
Photo Gallery uploaded for Michael's episode on Lady Killers

Three ads read by Michael Jayston on Legal Decent Honest and Truthful - a radio series that is a satire on advertising - has been uploaded here for listening

7 September 2012
The fanlisting site is now no longer, but I hope that you will come over and visit the Facebook site and "like" the page for instant updates!

28 February 2012
From a recent Doctor Who convention - Michael Jayston reenacts the end of part 12!
1 January 2012
Happy New Year Everyone!

There are two new interviews from 1972- one from a Photoplay magazine, and another from an unknown publication, but the article is titled Star Tsar.

I've also created a facebook fan page for fans to gather and also for news updates about Michael's career. Facebook link

11 December 2011
Updated the Multimedia section with embedded videos (instead of downloading) so click and play! New videos added as well.
New image gallery for Michael's recent episode in Casualty

25 September 2011
Added to the Multimedia section- a radio play Michael Jayston was in called Gerontius. (From 2010) He plays the "Demon" and stars along with Derek Jacobi and Geoffery Whitehead.

17 September 2011
Added to the Interview section- "Six Actors in Search of Truth" from a May 1968 edition of Plays and Players

15 September 2011
I just found out that Michael recently recorded a Doctor Who audio drama with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. Michael plays the Tsar, and the Doctor is mistaken for Father Gregory. Such a wonderful callback to Nicholas and Alexandra. It's available to buy on Amazon and the other usual outlets.
Doctor Who: Serpent Crest Part 1 - Tsar Wars by Paul Magrs (Sep 8, 2011)

29 August 2011
A snippet from a fan's encounter with Michael Jayston at a recent Doctor Who convention was added to the Quotes page. Thanks to the fan for permission to post! Michael talks a little bit about recording "Rogue Male" and "Rogue Justice" and of course, Doctor Who.

14 August 2011
Photo gallery for the episode of Doctors that Michael appeared in this past Thursday.

31 July 2011
Photo gallery for Pobol y Cwm, a Welsh soap opera Michael appeared in a few months ago.

6 March 2011
Photo gallery for Tracy Beaker Returns

And I was recently able to mention my love for Michael Jayston's version of Jane Eyre in an article on Jane Eyre in the New York Times! The article was in the March 6th/Sunday paper and is also online here and also mentions my website for Jane Eyre adaptations.

26 January 2011
I have re-vamped and moved my Jane Eyre 1973 fansite to a new location:
There are a few new things on the site!

25 January 2011
Came across Michael's episodes of "Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's" on youtube! He does voice work in both episodes. The videos are broken up into three parts. In "Radio Ham", Michael is in the second and third part of the upload, and in "Sealed with a Loving Kiss" Michael is in the second part only.
The Radio Ham (part 1)
Sealed With A Loving Kiss (part 1)

6 January 2011
Reorganized the Filmography section. It's also just a trifle more accurate.

19 July 2010
Two new interviews added to the Interviews section. here and here

11 July 2010
Episode 1 of "Summer Lightning" added to the Radio Multimedia section.
New interview from the July 2010 issue of Places and Faces Bonding with Dr. Who

27 June 2010
New photo gallery for Michael's latest play "Quartet". Hopefully more to come as the tour continues. Also a podcast interview with Michael added to the audio section of the Multimedia page. Michael was interviewed at a Doctor Who convention in April.

13 June 2010
New article in the Interview section titled "Michael Jayston: Pointing the Finger" (which was accompanied by a photo of Michael as the Valeyard pointing a finger, so the title is not as incongruous as it seems.)

21 February 2010
New article in the Interview section titled "A Tale of Two Time Lords" from 1986.

7 February 2010
New Photo galleries added for "Albert's Memorial" and both of Michael's appearances on "Foyle's War".

31 January 2010
"Albert's Memorial" was aired in Australia, this past December! A short video commentary about the program with clips (none with Michael however) can be found here

3 January 2010
New article in the Interview section titled "Michael Jayston- at breakthrough point?" from The Times, 1971

1 November 2009
New photo gallery in the Television section for the miniseries "A Dinner of Herbs".

25 October 2009
Saw this in my google alerts: Michael Jayston's son Ben is performing in a play in Arizona- "Barefoot in the Park". A link to the article is here.

11 October 2009
Youtube clips from the Doctor Who event Michael Jayston attended on the 10th, have been added to the Multimedia section under "Video Links". Also view them here!

9 August 2009
New video clip added to the Multimedia section- from the "Southbank Show- Noel Coward".

26 July 2009
New image galleries for The Bill- No One's That Honest and Southbank Show- Noel Coward

11 May 2009
New image gallery for 99-1, episode "The Shooting Party" added to Picture gallery.

25 January 2009
New image gallery for "A Bit of a Do" in the Television section (link) and a short video clip from the series added to the Multimedia section. I just watched this series (have a couple more episodes to go) and I highly recommend it! Michael should do more comedy he is wonderful in it!

7 December 2008
New interview added to the interview page- titled "Why He Always Leaves You With A Good Impression". It's a very fun article.

9 November 2008
I found a 3 minute clip online of a drama Michael Jayston did in 1971 called "Green Julia". I listed it on the multimedia page, but this is the link. You have to scroll down to find it- it is clip 28 of 34.

2 November 2008
New image gallery for "The Edwardians"- link

12 October 2008
All new Doctor Who image gallery uploaded! Mostly from "The Ultimate Foe" and assorted special features.

21 September 2008
A couple of items have been added to the "Quotes" page, including what Michael had to say about leaving Emmerdale.

31 August 2008
The Picture gallery has been redesigned, and two new picture albums added:
British Soap Awards 2008
Crown Court

In the Picture gallery, the albums are divided into four sections: Television, Movies, Plays, and Miscellaneous.

Also a clip from the very entertaining "Crown Court" was added to the Multimedia section

6 July 2008
Just reiterating what's on the homepage- some great new DVD releases coming up this year:
Trial of a Timelord 7 Oct 2008 DVD release [more info]
Although there is no mention of Michael being involved with the DVD extras, I read on a Colin Baker forum that he will be narrating the extra: "Now and Then: On the Trail of a Time Lord" - a look at the locations used in the making of the story, comparing how they were then with how they are today. *crosses fingers*

The Edwardians 14 Oct 2008 DVD release [more info]

And it looks like this will be released in the U.K. and the U.S. at least. Many thanks to Linda for the tip! Also, this rundown of the storyline on Emmerdale for Michael's character is great! link And there is also a "red" carpet interview with Michael on the ITV website Which is only viewable in the United Kingdom sadly.

22 June 2008
Another Emmerdale video clip has been added to the Multimedia section- it's a series of clips from the episode where, after David tells Donald, Nicola is trying to kill him- she's had a string of foiled attempts- Donald decides to force the issue and there's a big confrontation!

23 May 2008
TVQuick & TVChoice Awards 2008 Michael has been nominated for a "Best Soap Newcomer" award and you can vote for him online- website
It's the 15th voting form. Here's hoping he'll be at the awards show!

So everyone vote!! I've tried voting several times and I hope it went through as I'm in the States...

20 April 2008
The last article, titled "Enjoying the Sound of Success", has been added to the Interviews page!
13 April 2008
Two wonderful new articles added to the Interviews page- both from 1973 and from the magazines "Photoplay" and "Women's Realm". MUCH THANKS TO MARGARET FOR SENDING ME THE ARTICLES!! There is one more that I need to post from 1982. I'll definitely get to it by next Sunday.

Eva has alerted me to this Emmerdale interview. There is a short article and a video which I don't believe you can view if you are not in the U.K. Sadly I have not found a way to watch this. So if anyone is able to- I would much appreciate knowing the details of the interview! Thanks!

17 February 2008
The section on cricket now includes the wonderful foreword that Michael wrote for a book called "Cricket at the Grassroots" by Dick Redbourn in 1996.

10 February 2008
Updates to the Multimedia page:
- Video clip from "The Power Game" (1969)
- Video clip from "Emmerdale" (2008)
(Almost a forty year span! And in both clips he is quite mischievous!)

Updates to the picture gallery:
- Craze
- Bequest to the Nation

27 January 2008
Updates to the Multimedia page:
- Both radio episodes of Trivia Test Match in a zip file
- The full cast recording of Michael in "The Sound of Music"
- Re-upload of Tom Baker's mention of Michael Jayston in his autobiography
- A video clip of the 1973 movie "Craze" (recently released on DVD so much better quality than my old decrepit VHS tape

A picture gallery for "Craze" is forthcoming- having a bit of trouble with my picture gallery generator...

20 January 2008
Picture Gallery for The Power Game
Many thanks to Maggie (the webmistress of the Stephanie Beacham website, who played Blanche Ingram in Jane Eyre 1973)- You can buy the series on DVD (Michael only appears in the third season!) on the Network DVD website Sadly it is only Region 2.

13 January 2008
Updated the Picture Gallery with more pictures from Emmerdale, pictures from Foyle's War- Plan of Attack, and I changed the images in the Jane Eyre gallery.

A video clip of "The Public Eye" has been added to the Multimedia page- it's the first ten minutes of the film.

A new page for Quotes- some old content, but the new content includes Michael Jayston talking about Laurence Olivier and a comment on the writing in Dcotor Who.

And lastly, there is a short questionnaire that Michael Jayston did for a Doctor Who fansite in 1995 added to the Interviews page under the title of "First Person Quiz"

11 January 2008
New layout- new banner and matching colour scheme. Also updated the Filmography with Michael's recent appearances in "Foyle's War", "Emmerdale" and his 1977 and 1984 appearances on the TV show "Crown Court".

17 December 2007
Two more radio programs added to the multimedia page- "No Commitments" and "The Master and Mrs. Tucker"

9 December 2007
New picture gallery for The Importance of Being Earnest

New additions to the Multimedia page:
-A video clip from "The Importance of Being Earnest"
-Radio program downloads of "You Only Live Twice" (Michael Jayston as James Bond!) and "The Death of Faith" (Michael Jayston as Padre Pio)

25 November 2007
New picture gallery for the wonderful pictures found on a Portuguese blog.

Gente magazine

And more info on the rumoured release of the "Trial of a Timelord" Doctor Who arc- I've read on the forum for Colin Baker that "There have apparently been a team filming a 'Then & Now' featurette at Gladstone Pottery Museum this week [Sept 2007] for a forthcoming DVD to be narrated by Michael Jayston." Gladstone is where some filming was done for the Doctor Who "Trial of a Time Lord" series. More specifically, "The Ultimate Foe" episodes.

11 November 2007
New picture galleries for the recent episodes of:
The Royal
and a 1987 made for TV movie- Still Crazy Like a Fox

Also made updates to the Filmography section with:
"The Royal" - Can't Buy Me Love (2007) TV episode .... Henry Appleton
"Emmerdale" (2007) TV episode .... Donald de Souza
"Look East" (2006) TV episode
"Imagining Albion: The Great British Future" - Parts 1 and 4 (2006) TV episode
"Not As Funny As It Used To Be" (1991) TV series .... Narrator

Some more additions to the Multimedia page:
Full radio programs available:
"An Alternative to Suicide", "The Architects", "Goody Two Shoes", "Trivia Test Match", "When We Are Married"

Video clips from:
"The Darling Buds of May", "From a Far Country", "He Jests at Scars signing", "Highlander III", "This is Your Life- Tom Baker"

07 November 2007
Unfortunately Michael Jayston will not be making an appearance at the Doctor Who "Dimensions" Convention scheduled on November 10th/11th "due to work commitments".

24 October 2007
Thanks to a comment left by Kelly in my guestbook, I've updated the "Upcoming" schedule on the homepage with the date for Michael Jayston's appearance in "The Royal" for the British TV viewers. It's seems Michael will be on Emmerdale AND The Royal on the same day. A good day for television. :)

21 October 2007
New picture galleries for:
Highlander III

Michael Jayston will put in an appearance on the long-running British soap opera, "Emmerdale" on October 28th. More information here You can see him in the picture on the website- sadly his character is in a coma. And it looks like you can watch the episode on the website after it airs! Also put a poll on the homepage- just for the fun of it and for my curiosity. Your participation is very much appreciated!

15 July 2007
Three new picture galleries for Dust to Dust, Heartbeat, and Foyle's War.

12 June 2007
Officially moved the site to a new webhost ( and now I can add more things to the site starting with many more pictures! So check out the new Picture Gallery! There's a new set for the film "She Fell Among Thieves HERE At the moment the gallery is ordered alphabetically (almost), but I hope to re-order it by date soon.

ALL THE UPDATES BELOW ARE FROM THE OLD BRAVEHOST WEBSITE Links to photo galleries below may not be working.

27 May 2007 has several great clips of Michael Jayston in "Cluedo" and "Doctor Who", as well as an old 80s advert- you can find them HERE

I would recommend this clip from "Cluedo"- It was Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the rope!

17 May 2007
Michael Jayston's play, "The Last Confession", will transfer to the West End, London, following it's run at the Chichester Festival Theatre. The play will run at the Haymarket theatre until the 15th of September. Read the article here. The reviews for the play have been great, so do go out and see it if you are in the area! As always, I'm eager for any personal thoughts, so please email me! Also, non-rehearsal pictures have been added to picture gallery page for the play.

The fanlisting "join" form has finally been fixed- I had some problems with it earlier, so please join again if your name is not on the members list, and please consider joining if you haven't yet!

7 May 2007
Rehearsal pictures from Michael Jayston's latest play, "The Last Confession" is now available here

Please if anyone has seen this play, I would love to hear all about it! My email is thisbeciel(at)

16 April 2007
There will now be a section on the homepage relating what upcoming projects Michael Jayston is involved in. Also I hope to have screencaps from Michael Jayston's episode of "Foyle's War" up sometime this week.

As always, if anyone gets to see Michael in "The Last Confession" that will be playing in a couple weeks, I would appreciate any and all stories and impressions you have to share!

25 March 2007
New photo galleries for:
The Merchant of Venice
A Guilty Thing Surprised

And a small clip from "A Guilty Thing Surprised" is available on the Multimedia page.

11 March 2007
More new additions to the site.
The Way of the World: photo gallery for the stage play
"Trent Bridge Heroes": extract from another essay on cricket by Michael Jayston
Multimedia: various updates to the multimedia page- more audio clips added and one video clip. Please *rightclicksave* on your mouse, to save the files to your computer.

And there is a slight change to the header banner for the website!

12 February 2007
New Photo Gallery for 'Zulu Dawn' is up!

6 January 2007
Photo Gallery for Outside Edge is up now.

Also there is a Jayston related audio clip in the Multimedia page. It is a clip from Tom Baker's autobiography where he briefly mentions Michael.

21 January 2007
New picture gallery for Michael's appearance last month on the tv show "Heartbeat".

And if someone out there has joined Michael's Fanlisting, but you do not see your name on the Members page, please send me an email (thisbecielATyahooDOTcom). There may be a problem with the form to join which I've just become aware of. And if you haven't joined, why not? Let's make it 100 fans strong! If I have 100 fans signed up, I promise, I'll be happy and not ask for more. :)

And in other news... I got an email from Michael Jayston! He was very sweet and appreciative of the site, and I am deeply grateful to him for taking the time to send me such a lovely message.

31 December 2006
Added a picture gallery for Haggard. Jayston did two episodes and it was very delightful to see him do comedy. I can't believe I've not put these up before though- I've had these pictures for a long time!

Also there is a small gallery for Michael's appearance on Happy Birthday BBC2 in which the making of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" was recounted.

Happy New Year, everyone!

03 December 2006
Added another picture gallery for A Bequest to the Nation" AKA "The Nelson Affair", a Doctor Who related interview, and a few more pictures to the Miscellaneous pictures page. Updated the stage and radio credits.

Also in the Links page, there is information about Michael's son- Richard- who is a drummer in a band- check out there myspace page: The Crowns

31 AUGUST 2006
I found a potentially valid address to send fan mail to- according to this site, the address received a response (all pictures sent autographed) on 8 March 2005.
Michael Jayston
c/o Diamond Management
31 Percy Street

The website for Diamond Management has a page for Michael as a voiceover artist >>Here On the site you can listen to a couple of clips of Michael's commercials and impressions.

28 AUGUST 2006
After a long hiatus, I have finally added some things to the site that I've had laying around:
Screencaps from the movie The Public Eye
A new gallery for Photoshot photos for Michael's new play "Heroes"
New webpage for Michael Jayston's interviews (more to be added and still in rough stage)
The "Films" and "Television" page has been replaced by a comprehensive Filmography page with links to relevant information

Sadly the youtube clips of Michael are no longer up- my account was suspended, and also if you are in the area- do see Michael in his new play "Heroes"! More information is on the homepage

15 JUNE 2006
First entry to my new updates page! I have added several picture galleries to the pictures index page, including:

Coffin for the Bride
Ring Once for Death
*these two galleries are courtesy of GINETTE, thank you very much for screencapping them!

*this gallery courtesy of GANDYDANCER, thank you so much as well!

Happiest Days of Your Life
Climb the Greasy Pole
Only Fools and Horses

Also, I have uploaded (and will upload more) clips featuring Michael Jayston on the website- youtube. Check out those clips as well as Jane Eyre ones HERE