Here are some radio programs, audio files and video files that I have gathered from various works. Most are in mp3 format. Feel free to save the audio to your computer and please DO NOT hotlink (use the links on another website or blog). Thank you. The rest of the multimedia consist of links to websites with video and audio of Michael.


An Alternative to Suicide
Download 78.97MB, zip file
"In the strange world of the 22nd century, Maverick Lesterman (Jayston) is a highly developed computerised human meat machine employed by a multi-national company. When he is involved in an unpleasant accident on board a spaceship, he is returned to earth to be comforted by Esther Anderson, a 17-year-old clone. However, the dispassionate world of the company is suddenly shattered when Maverick, relieved from the pressure of drugs and hypnosis, rediscovers areas of his submerged personality with frightening consequences." taken from 1979 newspaper blurb

The Architects
Download 41.44 MB
By Chris Dunkley
Howard is coming to the end of an unremarkable career designing houses which all look much the same. He intends to pursue his retirement in similar fashion, exactly like the next man. Then he meets Pat, who has decided that things have to change.

The Death of Faith
Download 79.4 MB
By Donna Leon

Download 10 MB
"Catholic convert Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-90) insisted in his will that he was to be buried in the same grave as fellow convert Fr Ambrose St John, whom he had known for over thirty years. This highly-imaginative play explores the relationship between Newman and Ambrose, the concerns aroused at the time and the controversy surrounding the recent decision to exhume their bodies."

Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful
Listen here
Three ads read by Michael Jayston from this satire on advertising.

The Master and Mrs. Tucker
Download 40.2 MB
"Roy Apps' play based on the story of the friendship between Noel Coward and Edith Nesbit." Michael's part is small in this program

No Commitments
Download 38.2 MB
Michael was featured in three episodes of this BBC Radio 4 serial, which detailed different relationships. Michael's character gets himself into an interesting situation.

Summer Lightning
Episode 1 53.1 MB
Episode 2 60 MB
"Dramatisation of PG Wodehouse's timeless comic classic of romance, scandal and pig-napping "

Trivia Test Match
Download 52 MB
Michael did two episodes of this quiz show which is conducted like a cricket match in 1991
When We Are Married
Download 80.21 MB
by J.B. Priestly
You Only Live Twice
Download 66.56 MB
Dramatised for BBC 4 Radio by Michael Bakewell, adapted from the novel by Ian Fleming


Jane Eyre
For audio from the '73 production of 'Jane Eyre', visit my other site
Who on Earth is Tom Baker?
Download 0.3 MB
This is actually an audio clip of Tom Baker reading his autobiography where he briefly mentions Michael, whom he worked with in the movie "Nicholas and Alexandra".

Reality Check: Being Doctor Who
Download 3 MB
From a podcast, with Alex Fitch interviewing Michael Jayston at the Timequest 2 Doctor Who convention. They talk about Doctor Who obviously, and Michael's fans. This clip is only Michael Jayston's interview.

Video Clips

A Bit of a Do

Neville Badger gives a mistimed speech for Ted Simcock at his fancy dress farewell party. Sadly the characters seem to find Neville tiresome. I think he's great!


Clip from the November 2011 episode where Michael's character- David Northwick - has a terminal illness, but it is his wife who must come to terms with it.


Sgt. Wall uses questionable tactics in an attempt to extract information.

Crown Court "An Upward Fall"

This humourous episode, from a normally serious dramatic show, highlights a case where an old people's home was built atop a cliff about 3,000 feet high but its only lavatories are located at the bottom of the cliff. In this clip, Michael's character, as Queen's counsel, must contend that gravity is not at fault for old age pensioners, needing to use the lavatory, missing their footing in the night and plummeting to their death.

The Darling Buds of May "Climb the Greasy Pole"

Michael's character tries to sell his brewery


In this I put a series of clips together from the episode where, after David tells Donald, Nicola is trying to kill him- she's had a string of foiled attempts- Donald decides to force the issue and there's a big confrontation!

He Jests at Scars- signing

Short greeting from Michael Jayston and Bonnie Langford. He sings a little!

Highlander III

Michael's character tries to give some advice

The Importance of Being Earnest

The "muffin scene" from the well known Oscar Wilde play

Murder in Suburbia

There's been a murder! And Michael's character may or may not have some answers.

Press Gang

Full half hour episode entitled "Expect the UnXpected". One of my favourite things Michael Jayston has done.

The Power Game

Lincoln Dowling enlightens Lady Wilder about what goes on at an 'orgy'.

The Public Eye

The first 10 minutes of the film. Michael's character is worried that his wife is cheating on him and decides to hire a private detective.

Southbank Show- Noel Coward

Michael Jayston was featured in three short scenes from the works of Noel Coward.

This Is Your Life "Tom Baker"

Michael Jayston worked with Tom Baker in "Nicholas and Alexandra" and thanks him for his friendship

Gallifrey One Q&A

Gallifrey One Interview series - Michael Jayston from Jayston on Vimeo.

Taken by me! From the audience on February 15, 2013. A lady had just asked Michael if he did his own horseback riding in the sci-fi show "UFO".

Audio Links

Public Information Film
Michael voices concern over the deadly combination of reckless driving and children. Scroll down for the headline 'Schools'.

Mindwarp and The Ultimate Foe
.wav files from the above two episodes of "Trial of a Timelord" from the Dr. Who canon. Look for .wav files voiced by the Valeyard.

Video Links

Mad Jack clips
If you are lucky enough to be in Britan, with access to certain library or research facilities, you can view clips of this episode from "The Wednesday Play". Even if you are not so lucky, there is a nice picture and even nicer praise of Michael's work on the program on that website.

Cluedo clip
a clip of Michael from the series can be found in the Media section of the website- scroll down and look for "The Wedding 2.6 "The Bolivian Connection""

Dr. Who- 'Trial of a Timelord' trailer
The first trailer offered has Michael as the Valeyard

Green Julia
3 minute clip online of a drama Michael Jayston did in 1971. You have to scroll down to find it- it is clip 28 of 34.

Doctor Who Event in Ashton, 10 October 2009
youtube clip 1 youtube clip 2 Michael Jayston is preparing to take pictures with other attendees of the event. With much thanks to Dac100 for the clips, and credit to this website: Gallifreyan Embassy

Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's
Youtube videos of Michael Jayston's episodes in this half-hour comedy series. He is doing voiceovers in both episodes.
The Radio Ham (part 1)
Sealed With A Loving Kiss (part 1)
(the videos are broken up into three parts)

From a recent Doctor Who convention - Michael Jayston reenacts the end of part 12!
Youtube link