Six Actors in Search of Truth

Outlet: Plays and Players
Date: May 1968
Title: "Six Actors in Search of Truth" by Michael Billington

Michael Jayston [interview]

Outlet: Photoplay
Date: September 1971
Title: Michael Jayston [partial interview]

Michael Jayston - at Breakthrough Point?

Outlet: The Times
Date: November 1971
Title: "Michael Jayston- at breakthrough point?" by Ronald Hayman

Michael Jayston, making a smart move

Outlet: unknown
Title: "Michael Jayston, making a smart move" by Jill Whiffing

Susan d'Arcy meets the man who plays Nicholas

Outlet: Photoplay
Date: February 1972
Title: "Michael Jayston" Susan d'Arcy meets the man who plays Nicholas

In the Picture: Star Tsar

Outlet: unknown
Date: 1972 ?
Title: "In the Picture: Star Tsar" by Emma Andrews

I Love Playing Real People

Outlet: Photoplay
Date:January 1973
Title: "I Love Playing Real People" by Valerie Ward

Man of History

Outlet: Women's Realm
Date: October 1973
Title: "Man of History"

A Surprise for Michael Jayston Fans

Outlet: TV Times
Date: Feb-March 1974
Title: "A Surprise for Michael Jayston Fans"

A Man Above Trouble

Outlet: Radio Times
Date:29 August 1975
Title: "A Man Above Trouble" by Russell Miller

Rendevous with Quiller

Outlet: Photoplay
Date: December 1975
Title: "Rendevous with Quiller" by Sue Clarke

Why Women Drivers Are Better Than Men

Outlet: Radio Times
Date: August 1978
Title: "Why women drivers are better than men" by Romany Bain.

Why He Always Leaves You With a Good Impression

Outlet: Photoplay
Date: January 1980
Title: "Why He Always Leaves You With a Good Impression" by M.M.

Enjoying the Sound of Success

Outlet: My Weekly
Date: April 1982
Title: "Enjoying the Sound of Success" by Sheila Hutchinson

A Tale of Two Time Lords

Outlet: Doctor Who Magazine Winter Special
Date: 1986
Title: "A Tale of Two Time Lords" by Richard Marson

Pointing the Finger

Outlet: Doctor Who Magazine
Date: 17 November 1999
Title: "Michael Jayston: Pointing the Finger" by Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons

The Great and the Good

Outlet: online
Date: 2002
Title: "Profile: Michael Jayston" by Patrick Newley

First Person Quiz

Outlet: online
Date: May 1995
Title: "First Person Quiz"

Audiobook Collection

Outlet: Audiobook Collection
Date: ?
Title: "Interview of Michael Jayston

Michael Jayston

Outlet: Insight City News
Date: April 22- May 5, 2006
Title: "Michael Jayston" by Poppy Smith

Michael Jayston Interview

Outlet: online
Date: October 2004
Title: Michael Jayston Interviewed by Ian Wheeler

Big Interview: Michael Jayston

Outlet: Inside Soap
Date: Mar 8-14 2008
Title: "Big Interview: Michael Jayston" by Kate Woodward

Bonding With Dr. Who

Outlet: Places and Faces
Date: July 2010
Title: "Bonding with Dr. Who" by Tony Mallion

Cricket Memories Return for City Actor

Outlet:Newark Advertiser
Date: July 2010
Title: "Cricket Memories Return for City Actor"

Cricketing Actor Back to Open on Home Turf

Outlet: Nottingham Post
Date: July 2010
Title: "Cricketing Actor Back to Open on Home Turf " by Andy Smart


Collected short quotes from various articles and interviews. Made by or said about Michael Jayston.

Michael Jayston Obituary

Outlet:The Guardian
Date: February 2024
Title: "Michael Jayston Obituary" by Michael Coveney