Michael Jayston has contributed essays and a foreword to a few books:

"The Lord's Taverners Sticky Wicket Book"

Ed. Tim Rice
Contributors: Patrick Moore, John Arlott, Leslie Thomas, Richie Benaud ,Tim Brooke-Taylor, Bill Frindall, Sir Charles Forte, Roy Castle, Sir Leonard Hutton, MICHAEL JAYSTON, etc.
Queen Anne Press, London 156pp (1979)
His essay entitled "Trent Bridge Buccaneers"

"County Champions"

Contributors: Richard Gordon, MICHAEL JAYSTON, John Arlott, Leslie Thomas, Barry Norman, Trevor Bailey, Colin Cowdrey, etc.
Heineman/Quixote Press 198pp. (1982)
His essay entitled "Trent Bridge Heroes"

"Bloody Lucky: Writing on Cricket" Ed. Tom Graveney And Mike Seabrook

Contributors: Stephen Fry, Frederic Raphael, Mike Brearley, John Arlott, Miles Kington, MICHAEL JAYSTON, etc.
Pocketbooks U.K. 304pp. (1992)
His essay entitled "You Can Take Glory With You"

"Cricket at the Grassroots: Humorous Memories of the Sussex Club Game"

by David Redbourn, Foreword by MICHAEL JAYSTON, SB Publications, 206pp. (1996)