About Me

Hello! My name is Charlene, I'm in my thirties, I work as a scientist, and I live in California. I love California, but it is a dream of mine to some day live in England. For now, I content myself with watching British television, reading novels set in England, and occasionally making the trip across the pond.

This website was first created September 20, 2005, soon after watching the 1973 production of Jane Eyre, when I was completely mesmerized by Michael Jayston's performance as Mr. Rochester. Over the years, I've seen quite a lot of his work, and these are a few of my top personal favorites:

Follow Me (1972)
Jane Eyre (1973)
"A Coffin for the Bride" and "Ring Once for Death" from the TV series Thriller (1974)
Quiller (1975)
Doctor Who (1986)
A Bit of a Do (1989)
Cluedo (1991)
"Tales of the UnXpected" from the TV series Press Gang (1992)
Outside Edge (1995)

I also have a website for the 1973 version of Jane Eyre, and a general site about Jane Eyre (it's my favorite book) if you would care to visit! If you have any comments or requests, you can contact me at jaystonsite@gmail(dot)com.

I appreciate all the kind comments about the website, and love hearing from his fans. Thanks so much for visiting this site, and for supporting Michael Jayston's work!

And lastly my cherished autographed photo --