May 1995 First Person Quiz by Emma Andrews

First Memory - Looking at water from Trent Bridge.

First Ambition - To be a journalist/cricketer.

First Disillusionment - That people aren't kind back if you are kind to them. Not always anyway.

First Stage Appearance- Northern Ireland (Bangor) in a comedy.

First Screen Appearance - Ireton in "Cromwell".

First Trip Abroad - Ireland.

First Alcoholic Drink - Beer.

First Love - Do you mean sex? If you do Olga Marinkovitch when I was 16. If you don't mean sex - cricket.

First Car/Motorcycle- n/a I hate cars.

First Property Purchase- In Nottingham.

First Thing I'd Save from a Fire- My family.

First Impression I Give - Talk too much.

First Thing I do with Time Off - Relax with a book.

Favourite Story from "Doctor Who"- Any one of Patrick Troughton's.

Favourite Memory of "Doctor Who"- Patrick Troughton saying to one of the monsters, "They only want their ball back".

Favourite Doctor - Patrick Troughton.