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A Brief Biography

Michael Jayston was born 29 October 1935 in Nottingham, England. He trained as an accountant after he finished his National Service, but decided to pursue acting and obtained a scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He went on to perform in many theater, television and film roles including the Valeyard in Doctor Who, Peter Guillam in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre and Tsar Nicholas in the film Nicholas and Alexandra.

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My name is Charlene, I work as a scientist and live in California. This website was first created Sept 20, 2005. Over the years, I've seen quite a lot of Michael's work and created this site to share with other fans.

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Recent Work

Doctors "About Time", 2015

BBC soap drama starring Owen Brenman, Adrian Lewis Morgan, and Jessica Regan. Michael Jayston played Brian Maxwell in this episode. He co-starred with Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Doctor Who audio "The Last Adventure", 2015

Michael Jayston reprises his role as the Valeyard in this Big Finish audio production. Colin Baker stars as the Sixth Doctor as this adventure details the events leading to his regeneration.

Borgia "1496", 2014

Historical drama about the lives of the Borgias starring Mark Ryder and Isolda Dychauk. Michael Jayston played Pandolfo Petrucci in this episode.

Midsomer Murders "Let Us Prey", 2014

Murder mystery series starring Neil Dudgeon and Gwilym Lee. Michael Jayston played Reverend Arthur Gould in this episode.